ME Analyzer v1.135.0 r196 Free Download

ME Analyzer v1.135.0 r196 Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool. Download this analysis tool for free. ME Analyzer which shows detail related to various Intel Engine Firmware. This includes details like Family, Release, Type, Date, ME version, FD, Size, SKU, and Consumer ME.

ME analyzer parses Intel Engine firmware images from the Converged Security Management Engine. ME Analyzer can detect new and unknown firmware. It also checks the firmware health. By this tool, we can generate new bios by taking various parts from Exe files.

While installing bios on latest laptops like 6 generations and onwards, the copied bios doesn’t work. However, the particular bios is totally perfect. For this problem, we use tools like the ME analyzer and the UEFI tool to write new bios for those laptops.